Coastal Bend Grace House Times: July

Coastal Bend Grace House Visits Plane State Prison

Once again we were blessed to visit one of the Texas State Prisons in June. Jullie, Nicolle (The Traveling Reporter) and I traveled to Dayton, Texas where we were able to speak in two different pods. The presentations began with Jullie sharing her testimony and then I shared information about CBGH. Nicolle followed up with her testimony and then we were able to mingle and visit with the women on an individual basis.  It is a real blessing to hear from the women that have turned their lives over to Christ as a result of the events that have led to their incarceration.

We are considering making these trips a quarterly event. The hope given to the women that they can change and be productive citizens is well worth the effort of the trips. We are always careful to point out that their hope isn’t found in CBGH but only in Jesus Christ. It reaffirms the lessons and disciplining of others that visit and teach in the prisons weekly.

Presentations Needed

One of our best tools for educating others about CBGH is through presentations. We love to share about CBGH and how the ministry meets the needs of women seeking a lifestyle change. We will come to your church, Sunday School class, mission committee or other small groups and customize our presentation to fit your time.

A typical presentation includes powerful testimonies by graduates of the program and often women that are currently in the program. We will talk about the daily life of the house and get into as much detail as your group desires. We will even meet and talk to one individual so just ask that’s all.

Sustainable Income

CBGH is a 501(C) 3 nonprofit organization that relies on individuals and churches for support. We receive no government funding and receive our largest portion of operating expenses from our annual banquet/fundraiser during the first quarter of the year.

Even with the annual event and the gifts of individuals and churches throughout the year we often fall short of our monthly budget. So far we have been blessed and have always met our obligations.

We have talked about a sustainable income that would provide a continuous revenue stream for operating expenses. We would like to find a small business model that would not only provide income for the ministry but also provide an employment opportunity for graduates of CBGH.

We continue to consider many options but have landed on one idea that we believe to be a viable operation. We will start seeking furniture that we can refurbish and refinish. We believe that there is a market for solid furniture that has been professionally refinished. Acquisition of the furniture should be low cost and with some elbow grease and assistance from some professional refinishers, we believe there should be a great profit margin.

So what can you do? Our immediate need is twofold.  First, we need storage space for furniture we collect. This doesn’t need to be anything special just an empty garage or even a barn. When we receive furniture either through a gift or even at garage sales we need a space to store these items.

Second, keep us in mind when you have furniture that you would like to donate or when someone asks you where they can donate furniture. We all hear of people that are downsizing or moving and can’t take everything with them.

We thank the readers of our newsletters since you have enough interest in our ministry to follow us through this media. I know we are all time challenged and I tend to talk too much but your support encourages us all. Thank You.

CBGH Website gets Facelift

We have been blessed by meeting Janet Hoover. She is a Corpus Christi native that has relocated to Ft. Worth. While visiting her parents in Corpus Christi she “just happened” to attend a church service where CBGH made a presentation. She said she had been praying for a way that she could help a ministry with her skills. She, along with her business partner Stefani, own and operate The Essential Website

Janet was also an answer to our prayer since Liz and Reed moved to Florida. We were a little scared about how we would handle our website questions and Janet showed up to save the day. Thank You Janet and thank you, God!

Janet and Jullie have made some tweaks and continue to make changes that will help our website be more attractive and user-friendly. If you haven’t visited our website please go check it out. There is a lot of information and it’s a great way to teach your friends about CBGH.

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