Coastal Bend Grace House Times: September Edition

CBGH Celebrates Three Year Anniversary

Coastal Bend Grace House reached a significant milestone on September 1, 2016. It seems like it was just yesterday that we received our first lady resident and CBGH began the much-needed ministry of restoration and healing.  When the steering team began holding meetings in 2012 no one knew that God would open doors as quickly as he did. It was a clear indication of God’s desire to see this ministry in the Coastal Bend.

It has been an incredible three years with many ups and downs but through it all God has provided and supplied all of our needs. There are many stories of miraculous reconciliation in families that had given up. The initial thought when considering some of these situations are the ministry only impacts those in the program but we quickly see the effects are far-reaching.

When the families, the church and the world witness firsthand what God has done in the lives of those that commit to him and allow him to work in their lives it has a ripple effect. It’s much like a stone thrown in the pond. The ripples begin going out in all directions and anyone in the pond is affected. Everyone is amazed of the change and those without hope can now see hope in their own lives.

Pastor Mark always reminds us that “changing what you do doesn’t change who you are but changing who you are always changes what you do”.  Thank you to everyone that supports CBGH in many various ways. The teachers, drivers, mentors and the local churches all contribute in a tangible fashion that keeps this ministry thriving.   We covet your prayers understanding that the battle is fought in a realm we can’t see and the only way to victory for all of us is through the prayers of His people. Thank you to all of our monetary supporters that continue to faithfully desire to be a part of this ministry.

Jullie Stokely Celebrated Three Years With CBGH

Congratulations Jullie on your three year anniversary as executive director at Coastal Bend Grace House August 1, 2016. Most folks will never realize the sacrifices of someone immersed in a ministry where it is their life. Jullie has sacrificed her personal life for those on the faith journey which she has traveled herself.  She takes the hand of the women and walks with them through the tough times of healing and dealing with issues and life’s experiences that can only be resolved through the gift of Jesus Himself.

On behalf of the board of directors, the women and families that have been blessed and myself thank you for your commitment to this ordained ministry and we pray for your continued blessings from God that you will be given strength, wisdom and protection. May God bless you and keep you.

Thank you to the Board of Directors

I want to recognize and thank the board for their continued and unwavering support throughout the first three years of the CBGH ministry. It would be hard for me to imagine what these three years would have been like without your support and encouragement.

Thank you is insufficient for what should be expressed for your work behind the scenes.

Mike Hess — Treasurer

Kay Hines — Secretary

Advisory Board:

Vonnie Myrick– James Myrick

Pat Stokes —  Dr. Jim Hines

Anson Nash —  Brad Brown

Brad Byerley –Donna Venzon                  Mike Venzon

Decision To Go Quarterly

Everyone’s time is valuable and we here at CBGH want to respect your time. We appreciate your interest and desire to learn about what is going on at CBGH. I receive comments and emails from readers that truly enjoy receiving the monthly newsletters. We don’t want to lose you but we know that too many emails in the ole “in box” can sometimes mean that some emails end up not getting read and then deleted. We do not want to contribute to an overload of emails. With that in mind we will be sending out newsletters quarterly relying on our website and Facebook to keep everyone updated on what we are doing and the events taking place. Please check out our website often and like us on Facebook.

Yes Campaign Continues To Gain Momentum

The Yes Campaign is a plan where everyone is asked to say Yes…

Yes to the Body working together.

Yes to supporting faith-based ministries that are making a difference for Christ

Yes to being the Body in action.

The idea of asking the body to support faith-based ministries was born at a meeting of pastors and church leaders. The theory is simple; everyone gives a little to accomplish a lot.

How does it work? Individuals are asked to commit:

         One dollar ($1.00) a day for two (2) years/ ($30.00 per month) that’s $365.00 per year).

         Donations will be collected by De Koning Ministries under “YES Campaign”.

         All donations and distributions will be managed by a team of pastors consisting of Ken de Koning, Don Leavell and Joel Perritte.

The team has selected two ministries in South Texas as the first recipients of the funds.

We are pleased to announce that Coastal Bend Grace House and New Life Refuge Ministries are those ministries.

You may give online at

Find out more at

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