Question: Do the women have to come from jail or prison?



Answer: We are a ministry for women at risk. This includes women coming out of incarceration but those are not the only women we seek to help. We will take women that have made the decision to change from their destructive lifestyle and seek to build a stronger relationship with Jesus or discover Jesus through this ministry. Anyone can guide women to our website to complete an application and be considered for acceptance into CBGH regardless of their path to us. They do not have to come out of jail or prison but those women are welcomed as well if they complete the application and meet the criteria for acceptance.


Question: What do you need?



Answer: Everyone wants to fill the need. We always respond that our most sought after need is prayer support. We are dealing with real life issues every day and the spiritual battles never end. There are the needs of the residence as they work through their past and come to terms with forgiveness, lost relationships, addiction and many other heartfelt issues that require serious soul searching and prayer. There are the needs of the staff as they deal with the day to day schedule, logistics and emotions of everyone in the house. There are the needs of the board as they consider the acceptance of those applying to enter the program, the daily needs of room and board for residence and staff and then the promotion of the ministry to others that might be interested in joining the effort. Spiritual battles are unavoidable when we are reaching into the darkness and plucking those out of Satan’s grip and helping them become Godly women that can go and fulfill their newly defined purpose of helping others find Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.


Please pray for Coastal Bend Grace House daily as you spend time with God and in prayer.