Coastal Bend Grace House helps with Flood victims in Orange

Coastal Bend Grace House helps with Flood victims in Orange Texas

The residents and staff at CBGH attended Yellow Cap training with Texas Baptist Men and are ready and standing by to assist with disaster relief. Little did we know that we would have the opportunity to respond to a disaster so quickly. The floods along the Texas Louisiana border brought tremendous amounts of total destruction to miles and miles of property and homes. We responded with the TBM mud out team which we are members of through Oak Ridge Baptist Church.

These trips are life-changing for those that go. There is no way I can describe the feeling when you drive down the road for miles and miles and each side is piled up five to six feet on both sides with a history of families’ lives. Everything from all the furniture, kids’ toys, appliances, photo albums, everything stacked waiting for the trash man. Not only personal belongings but the sheetrock, carpet, doors, cabinets and everything else that one time was someone’s home.

The work is hard but the blessings are unbelievable and never-ending for those that choose to go minister to these grieving souls that face what seems like an unwinnable battle. I could go on and on with stories of bruises, cuts, pulled muscles and tears by both victims and responders but that’s not my intent this month. I want to highlight the need and offer that you respond there are many ways to help those that are still in need along the Texas border with Louisiana. I have included some contact info along with a story about Deweyville which is one of the main areas we worked for ten days while we were there.

Now our TBM friends are in Houston responding to those floods. All this recovery will take a long time so you have plenty of time to respond. Start now praying for all of these folks affected by these disasters.

Please check out Texas Baptist Men for opportunities to minister to those affected by the many disasters across our state. TBM is not just for men, women are more than welcome and play a big part in the ministry.


Entire Town Flooded

The entire town of Deweyville, TX floods, leaving residents without homes and Calvary Baptist Church devastated. Texas Baptists Disaster Recovery is looking for churches who will send volunteer teams to Deweyville, TX, a small town northeast of Beaumont, which received massive flooding in early March 2016. The entire town of Deweyville flooded, there are hundreds of homes flooded with no flood insurance.

Especially hard hit was Calvary Baptist Church in Deweyville, (pictured) pastored by John Fortenberry. This quiet country church flooded to the ceiling with no flood insurance. Everything inside the church was lost. They will need to replace cabinets, kitchen appliances, furniture, books, bibles, materials, nursery equipment, and children’s furniture and play areas, etc. Pastor John said that when he thinks about the church building as a whole he tends “to have a hard time making it…It is better to think about recovering one room at a time.”

The sheetrock, insulation, and carpet were torn out just a few days after the water receded. The church has received some financial support but much more is needed. Also flooded were 80% of the member’s houses that attend Calvary Baptist. The church would like to be able to help its own church members.


Texas Baptist Disaster Recovery ask that churches adopt Calvary Baptist Church and its membership. Any amount you can send will help.

Please mail checks to:

Texas Baptist Disaster Recovery Attn: Marla Bearden
7557 Rambler Rd. Suite 1100 Dallas Tx. 75231-2310

Please note on the check: For Calvary Baptist, Deweyville.

Volunteers Needed:

The Recovery in Deweyville will be long and hard. The flooding has been called a “once in a 100 years” type flooding, so most of the homes did not have flood insurance. Volunteer teams are needed to install sheetrock and insulation in homes. Many of the residents we are working with are elderly or disabled. Volunteer housing is available in a neighboring town.

Contact Marla Bearden at 214-537-7358 or email to schedule your team.

Please check out Texas Baptist Recovery at the link below to keep up with the recovery opportunities.

Thank you!

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