Coastal Bend Grace House Plans

New Home Building Project

We are excited to announce that we have completed phase one of the new home. The project has been divided into four phases. Phase one provided the monies to clear land and pour the foundation. COMPLETE! The actual cost came in about sixty percent of our estimate. This blessing was made possible by our contractor securing donations of material and labor from sub contactors. Thank you.

Phase two is drying in the house which includes roof, walls, windows, and doors. We have gifts and pledges that get us two-thirds of the way to the needed funds to complete phase two. We have stepped out in faith that the remainder of the funding for phase two will be provided and already started the work.

We will not go into debt and will build as the funds come in. So with that mindset, we are rolling out a “material menu” that will allow you to become a permanent participant in the new home. The menu below will allow you to choose what level of participation you desire and select items that you would like to purchase for the home. The menu is divided into three courses. Appetizers, main course, and dessert.

The rooms will be an opportunity for you to recognize someone special in your life or purchase “in memory of” a deceased love one. Each room will have a plaque at the entrance of the room with the name of your loved one, friend or that someone in your life that should be honored. In addition, there will be a wall of fame. Every donor that blesses the home with a gift of $1,000.00 or more will be recognized on the wall of fame.

We will also accept gifts not specific to any area or item but simply stated “use where needed”. This ministry would not operate without supporters like yourself. We believe as long as God desires this ministry to be here He will supply.

If you have any questions please call Keith at 361-726-6005 or email at Mail checks to P.O. Box 1456 Portland Tx and note building fund. If you desire to give “in memory of” or “in honor of” please note on check and Keith will contact you for details.


Coastal Bend Grace House Buffett — EAT ALL YOU WANT!
Appetizers price each Quantity Number needed number sold still need  Your total
windows $250.00 0 15  15  $                 –
exterior doors $500.00 1 3 1 2  $                 –
garage door $2,000.00 0 1  1  $                 –
Main course  $                 –
Kitchen SOLD!!! $25,000.00 1 1 1 0  $                 –
Dinning Room $10,000.00 1  $                 –
Bedroom $15,000.00 4 1 3  $                 –
Directors setting room & bedroom $15,000.00 1  1  $                 –
Assistant director’s bedroom $10,000.00 1  1  $                 –
Prayer/study room $5,000.00 1  1  $                 –
exercise room $5,000.00 1  1  $                 –
Garage $2,500.00 1  1  $                 –
Copper wire $100.00 50  50  $                 –
 $                 –
Desert  $                 –
 Fence (units)  $      100.00 0 250  $                 –
Landscaping (Units)  $      100.00 0 100  $                 –

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