New location for CBGH

What a roller coaster ride for the last 12 months. We have found ourselves at City Hall in front of the city council, school board meetings, on television and radio never wanting to be present at any of them. For three and a half years we flew well under the radar at Coastal Bend Grace House.  We have intentionally laid low so as not to draw attention to the ministry. Mostly for security reasons but also from fear of society not accepting us and denying the great work that the ministry is achieving. We have seen and heard how communities have risen in opposition to those that are disenfranchised, marginalized and less fortunate than us. We always thought that if we were good neighbors and held ourselves to a higher standard than society would look beyond our past and accept us as fellow human beings making an effort to improve our lives. Unfortunately, we became identified as a group of people who don’t deserve a chance to become positive contributing factors to and of society.

Don’t mistake my comments as sour grapes. We have seen God at work throughout the entire process. We were seeking zoning permission to build our new house on a donated one-acre lot. Once we were denied permission to build we prayed and sought a property that we could trade our one-acre lot for. God heard our prayers and we have traded our one-acre lot for a much favorably located two-acre lot. We are very excited and with great expectation, we trust God to place us exactly where he desires us to be. We will be building our new home as originally designed now in Ingleside. The exact location is still guarded but please know this; we now have a much better-suited property that will allow women to be nurtured and discipled as God intended. We are so close to getting started on the new house. Since this is an undeveloped property there is some clearing that needs to take place.

Hopefully, the brush and undergrowth will be removed this month and with God’s willingness we will start construction this summer. We are still short of the total funding but we are stepping out in faith that those funds will be supplied. Thanks to some very generous donors we have a dollar for dollar match of up to $15,000.00! That means for the next sixty days each dollar donated to the building fund will be doubled!!  This would place us well above the $75,000.00 needed to start construction. Our current building fund balance is $59,340.00. But God!

Specials thanks to our Banquet committee. They did a great job – AGAIN!  Roxanne Swierc, Vonnie Myrick, Pat Stokes, Lisa Adams, Dorie Ward, and Jullie Stokely.

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