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Words From Our Teachers & Volunteers

Donna Durham

I met Jullie and the “Grace House girls” when I started attending Oak Ridge Baptist Church in December 2016.

I come from a background of parental abuse and alcoholism, so I was immediately drawn to the ministry and the girls. I started by being a driver but I quickly progressed to leading a weekly bible study. I can see how God has blessed me and grown me as I strive to teach and mentor these ladies that God has put in my life. Because of my background, I hoped to have a unique perspective to speak of what God can and has done in my life and to give hope to what can be.

I can not explain what pure joy I receive when partnering with God in His work. It is amazing how He allows us to be a part of the growth and transformation He is doing in the lives of these ladies.

It is absolutely true that what God calls, God equips.

Donna Durham

Loree Hammerick

Volunteering at Grace House has been an eye-opening blessing for me. I have found that when teaching, I am the one who learns the most!

The girls are inquisitive, receptive – – quick to take me to account for any actions on my part that fail to line up with what we’re discussing during class time. To me, effort and love invested in someone else’s life never goes unrewarded. Thank You, God!

Loree Hammerick

Sonja Willingham

I am Sonja Willingham. I have come alongside with Jullie in many adventures learning and growing with His help to help each lady to see her beauty and worth.

Want to step out and receive what He can show you in working, volunteering, driving, teaching and being a “gift” to others?

Will you be that example of a woman of God? Come grow with us, show your soft side, pray over them and pray with them. 

As an ongoing volunteer, I have seen miracles, the changes, the tears, the fear’s, but most of all their “HOPE”!!

Many come to the end of themselves and finally reach to the ONE who has been waiting for them all along. Here in this home, they find Grace, God’s Grace & Mercy…

I am completely forgiven

Colossians 1:14

Sonja Willingham