Disciple Ship Shop

The Disciple Ship Nautical Decor Store Grand Opening Soon

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more exciting!  We have been seeking some type of sustainable income that would support the ministry in an ongoing fashion. A business model that could generate income to meet the daily operating expenses of  Coastal Bend Grace House. 

Thanks to many hours of seeking God’s wisdom and His guidance we believe we have found the ideal business that will provide that income. The Disciple Ship Nautical Décor Store. The story of how all this came to be is very lengthy but respecting your time I will make it brief. If you want to hear the whole story just ask me.

The Disciple Ship Nautical Décor Store will be offering actual items salvaged from ships that have been decommissioned and basically cut into pieces. Adrienne & Michael Culpepper are friends of my son and have been in Galveston for years offering these unique items to people worldwide. We have made an agreement with them to offer these unique items in Aransas Pass.

The shop will carry everything from Brass portholes, oars, ship gauges, teakwood planks, glass floats, netting, actual navigation charts and much much more. These are actual items that have been in service on ships and are not reproductions.

We will also offer many unique decorating items such as wooden carved figures, metal fish art and too much to mention here. Keep your eyes and ears open for more details. We are aggressively moving forward with a grand opening date of May 6th! If everything falls into place (which we believe it will), we will welcome the public to enjoy the local availability of unique items not offered south of Galveston before.

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