The East Texas Reporter: Mrs. Heather Pedraza

Note: We are blessed to have our very own Heather (formerly McDaniel) offer this article

“You have a choice, you can either let someone love you for the rest of their life or punish yourself by being scared of love for the rest of your life, make a decision.” These words were spoken to me and they stung my heart as they really hit home. The road to healing and recovery from my abusive past has not been an easy one for me. I wasn’t sure at one time if I was capable to love. After years of counseling, chiseling and a lot of walls coming down I’m learning to let go of the painful memories of the past.

I am allowing myself to enjoy the love I have to give, and all the love that my husband and family bring me each day. I love that my family loves me back. Learning to love, I mean really love and cherish someone seems easy for some but is harder for others…..let’s just say I was my own worst enemy. Saying I am very blessed that I finally made the choice to let go of the past and “clean my room” would be an understatement. God’s plan for me has been there from the start, I chose to listen…to God, to my head, and to my heart.

I don’t dwell on what was, I have learned to put it to positive use. I can tell my past in my testimony to help other women and help them to realize that there are people who know what they are going through and can I offer them help to get them out of their situation. Most importantly, I have no regrets. Everything happens for a reason. Crazy to think that those beatings you took were for a reason, but there is a lesson taught in everything…good and bad. I do not think I would have the appreciation for my life today had it not been for everything my past has taught me.

Living each day as another day God has given me, and love and be loved like I’ve never loved before has me now almost skipping down the path of bliss in progress. I know real love comes from the Lord and that as long as I have Jesus in my heart than I contain love to give and I can receive love. I can honestly say I know now what it feels like to be cherished…..finally. Thank you, Jesus.

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